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Fair Trade Supplier


We are a fair trade supplier and manufacturer that was founded 15 years ago on the pillar of respect for workers’ rights. Even before fair trade became fashionable, we were a production house paying fair wages, providing safe working environments and respecting the individuality of artisans – all because it was and is the right thing to do.

In order to take our commitment one step further, we are now active members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Fair trade manufacturers, suppliers and production houses around the world can apply to be members of this vetting organization to engage in the fair trade community.   Artisan woman smiling

As a fair trade supplier, we engage in open dialogue with all of our workers concerning wages and piecework payment. We also abide by and exceed the stringent labor laws in Bolivia. All full time employees receive health insurance benefits and the equivalent to social security.  Each of our 200-300 artisan workers receives a generous monetary bonus as well as a gift at the end of each year.

Our commitment to fair trade manufacturing can easily be seen in the wages we pay our artisan partners. Our master craftspeople are paid at least 4 times the national minimum wage and assistants/apprentices are paid almost double the minimum wage. When calculated to a full-time position, artisans engaged in piecework production are also paid almost twice the national minimum wage. We base our fair wage standards on both nationally determined acceptable living expenses and open dialogue with employees.

With respect to how we treat our employees in general, we know we must be doing something right as most people have been working with us since the beginning – over 15 years!