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  • In the past, we employed a full time doctor on staff in order to grant employees direct access to medical information. The MD conducted an analysis on the state of health of all the women and children and identified those who needed care. She also gave health-related workshops and talks on topics as diverse as nutrition, alcoholism, sexual health and child learning disabilities. In the end, many of the artisans felt they didn’t have time to attend the workshops and started attending less and less frequently. The program was ended but with the hope that in the near future we will be able to implement a similar program better tailored to the needs of the women.
  • For several years we paid for dental check-ups for all interested employees. Most of the artisans we work with had never had a teeth cleaning, let alone visited the dentist.  This program was also slowly phased out due to eventual lack of interest in the service. We are still working towards increasing education around the importance of health maintenance and hope to offer the dentistry program again in the near future.
  • We are currently working on a healthy diet seminar. The seminar will teach the women artisans how to incorporate more vegetables into their largely meat and potatoes diet. It will also concentrate on giving our artisans knowledge of eating healthfully and feeding their children nutritious meals.