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Jacobi Foundation

The Jacobi Foundation (Jardín Para la Co-Evolución con la Biosfera) is a small Bolivian NGO co-founded by the CEO of AHA Bolivia, Anna Hosbein Aliaga and her husband Carlos Aliaga Uria. Anna wanted to take her respect for environmentalism one step further and so created this foundation with the purpose of contributing to the co-evolution of humans and the biosphere. The Foundation maintains that the problems we are facing on a planetary level: climate change, extreme weather conditions, changes in weather patterns and the consequences of these changes on human behavior, are extremely complex. Jacobi Foundation’s premise is that attempting to functionally deal on various levels with these issues is the only rational response. The foundation achieves this mission via programming designed to care for and conserve the natural environment, educate the public and promote healthy, sustainable and culturally sensitive development.

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