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Mission & Values

To provide designers, retailers and wholesalers with handmade manufacturing of superior quality knitwear, leather handbags and recyclable accessories in an ethical and environmentally respectful manner.

AHA Bolivia believes garment and accessories manufacturing can be done ethically. We work with designers, retailers and wholesalers to create their couture pieces in natural fibers and recyclable materials. We respect and utilize handmade manufacturing techniques that have taken generations to perfect. We value our workers and artisans and treat them with dignity and fairness.

Appreciate our clients. We respect our clients’ needs and strive to work together in a harmonious and productive manner. We are committed to the highest levels of quality, reliability and service. We strive to continually streamline our processes to create more beneficial and transparent relationships with our clients.

Believe manufacturing can be ethical. There is no reason the production of garments and accessories should involve maltreatment or unfairness to either people or the Earth. We are committed to being en ethical supplier.

Embrace versatility. We appreciate the creativity of our clients and strive to make all their ideas a reality. With highly skilled workers and our spirit of experimentation, we’re good at doing exactly what you want. From amazing handiwork to great sourcing capabilities, our clients can be assured of our competency.

Value hand production. This is an age-old process that is quickly dying out to mechanization; we strive to give handwork a platform in which to become successful and demanded. All our garments and accessories are handmade by accomplished artisans, many of whom have worked with us since 1995. Over the past 15 years, we have developed these ancient techniques into the production of high fashion garments of an international standard.

Respect workers’ rights. We think the artisans that produce AHA’s garments and accessories are the backbone of the company and deserve the utmost respect and support. We promote handcrafted production and provide jobs for over 300 women. We are committed to improving our workers quality of life through fair pay and the best labor conditions. We are also members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO, formerly IFAT).

Support local and natural materials. We have direct, local access to some of the world’s finest alpaca, cotton and other natural materials. We also employ the tactic of reuse and recycle with all of our materials.
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