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Hand Knitted & Crocheted Products

The artisans we work with specialize in producing hand knitted and crocheted products of the finest quality. They are able to produce the most intricate and unique hand knit and crochet sweaters to the most basic but classic ladies and mens knitwear. Our skilled artisans can create just about any knitted product from: knit accessories like scarves, shawls, gloves and hats to hand knit sweaters of alpaca, pima and organic cotton to finely crocheted caps, kippot and accessories.

Click on the below slideshows to see a variety of alpaca and crochet products we’ve produced.


Alpaca knitwear

Crochet Kippot


alpaca knitspima cotton watermellon sweaterwomen's alpaca cardiganheathered womne's alpaca sweaterwomen's knit wrapgeometric dog sweaterwavy womens alpaca sweater

NY Yankees KippotMichigan KippotNY Mets Kippot