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Why AHA?

We have been an expert in cottage industry and ethical manufacturing for over 15 years. We have extremely skilled artisans working at the helm of the company to produce the highest quality toys, knitwear, handbags and accessories. We are also uniquely positioned in South America to take advantage of the native natural materials of alpaca, pima and organic cotton. Our neighboring countries also allow for quick and easy sourcing of a wide range of raw materials and textiles.

We are committed to not only providing superior service to our clients, but also to forming long term relationships that are fruitful for both the client and our workers. We uphold the standards of being a fair trade manufacturer in all that we do. We respect the artisans we work with and are proud to offer clients skilled craftsmanship of knitwear, knit toys, leather goods and recyclable bags.
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We are committed to providing:

Superior quality

Competitive pricing

Personal service & rapid communication

Prototype development and sampling

Large and small production capabilities

Extensive range of raw materials

Expertise in a wide variety of techniques

Reliability in production quality and lead times


Socially responsible workplaces

Environmentally respectful production processes