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Employees and artisans are able to take out low-interest bearing small loans from AHA Bolivia for medical needs, housing construction, schooling or small business development. We are happy to report that almost all employee loans to-date have been paid back  in a reasonable time period.


There has been an in depth evaluation about our philosophy and work with the many groups of artisans we employ. The structure of homegrown artisan cooperatives can sometimes lead to disagreements, distrust and clashing opinions. The evaluation was made by a doctor, who served as a conflict mediators between cooperative members. They also gave members  means with which to voice opinions over treatment, work environment and work relationships. The program was unfortunately cut after the economic recession, but we are trying to build the expense back in to our budget for the coming years.

Even though the program is no longer formally in existence, our dedicated staff works with some of the more difficult cases of conflict. Our staff know the artisans well and are able to relate to them in a very personal and effective manner.