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Vanidades Nov 2011

Handbag Feature

The story of AHA Bolivia is featured in Vanidades Magazine's very first Bolivia edition.
the story of AHA Bolivia
Recyclable plastic and leather handbags featured in OH! magazine.

recyclable plastic & leather handbags

Baby knits featured in Eat, Pray, Love

baby knits

Crochet toys featured in ELLE magazine.

crochet toys








recyclable market bags

Alpaca knitwear featured in InStyle magazine.

recyclable plastic totes

Recyclable plastic totes featured in People magazine.

recyclable plastic totes

Alpaca booties featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

ELLEN SHOW: alpaca booties













Also featured in:
Show: Sex & the City
Will & Grace
Movie: The Terminal
Movie: As Good As It Gets
Newspaper: LA Times
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